Springtime and all the good things

It’s suppose to be spring in LT now, and it is, unless you’re watching your step and get to see endless white snowy horizon ahead of you.

Anyway, some nice news – I’ll be playing live in Centras Festival in Kaunas in April, there should be news on that in their website  shortly. Planning to do a whole lot with the voice and I’ll start out with composing for this one as soon as I get over yet another cold.

Else nothing’s up much. I have three performances ready to be done, but have no idea yet for a perfect place and time for any of them; if you’ve got any clues, please get it touch.

Last weekend they had a whole lot of people out on the streets of Vilnius for St.Casimir fair. It is supposed to be THE place for all the traditional thingies, like meals, drinks, traditional crafts and arts’n’stuff. It was way too crowded, me not like crowded. So I hopped into the “Titanic” gallery to catch up on “Postidea” exhibition.

The goal of the exhibition was to draw attention to the unequal representation of sexes in Lithuanian art world.

As much as I enjoyed some of the stuff, it left me perplex about the “why” of this exhib. I mean, in todays art world the sex of the author is not an issue anymore. Am I experiencing some king of time/gap or are they experiencing some kind of time/trap to keep insisting on the feminism ideas?

With all due respect, those were highly important some time ago, thank gods pour les sufragistes, but I’m afraid it doesn’t really matter anymore if you’re gay of blue, if you’re pink or black, if you’re straight or crooked these days, you can be anything, and independently on that you get what you deserve. And that’s the point actually, you get what you deserve. You earn your way with hard work, doing good stuff worth noticing, and not because you’re a man/woman/something-in-between/not-so-sure-which/etc.

I mean, I am highly supportive of all the equality ideas, I’d be the first to go out on the street for a manifestation if those ****heads (nasty language, I know) up in the Parliament, like, decided to liberate us from any of our rights, but cum on, that’s not the case here. I believe they could’ve found some kind of other reason to make a joint exhibition.

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