Time disorders

I spent half of a driving lesson today inventing stuff that I could stuff <right> into that hipster acronym <YOLO>. My favorite is “Young Opossums Love Opium”. And trust me, there were lots of them. Not Opossums. Variables.

The Time Disorder is something I’m encountering now and again and, for that matter, for the bigger part of my life. Time Disorder has nothing to do with the organizational capabilities, nor with the occupation, it’s not at all a time-management issue. Time Disorder has more to do with the space-time concept and the physical aspect of time itself. It is raised by my acute perception of time being a whole rather than the past-present-future tissue, prone to ruptures because of our forgetfulness and incapability to phantasize about <our> future.

Once you come to a conclusion that time is one and there is no yesterday as there is no tomorrow, because everything is kindda happening at this very same moment, you reach a point of confusion. Scientists working on time machines are dreaming of the possibility to create giant mechanisms that would transport us back in time so we could shake hands with ourselves in what we considered to be our past, just to prove that the time gaps and the separation of time into those three huge chunks that <we think> constitute our lives is just an illusion. As is everything else.

So this Time Disorder that I <believe I> have. It’s about the memory, ’cause memory is about understanding time in “proper sense”, I mean in these huge time chunks. Instead of a memory that would distinguish things and put them in the chunks where they are supposed to be, instead of classification and separation actions, it is doing something of an associative map and network. My memory is a pulsating “reseau” of a variety of subjects, but I cannot even recall the surname of my … sorry, I don’t remember who was that.


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