Performing in Istanbul

IPA Istanbul is what I’ve been up to these last two weeks. It’s been intense and hard and super hot, just made me realize how Nordic I actually am. The first week was dedicated to a performance art workshop led by a performance artist Nezaket Ekici (DE) and ended with a two-and-a-half hour performance “Spider Lullabies” (read a text about it here) in the park of Tarabya. It’s been made available to us by the German embassy and the Goethe Institut in Istanbul.

This week is the IPA Platform for Young Performance Artist. Yesterday in this framework I presented a two-hour long performance “Silent Stories of Istanbul” (more on it:: read text here) in the Mixer gallery along with the three colleagues all performing their individual pieces in the same space.

I believe the best thing during these two weeks was basically this opportunity to work on experimental stuff (experimental / exchange work took place two of the evenings the first week of IPA Istanbul Summer School 2014, once in a park and once in Mixer gallery space) as well as on interaction with different performers working in the same space. It is new and it is a challenge for me and I’m happy to have had this – didn’t even think I’ve got the guts to go that experimental, but seems I do.

More on the durational pieces and photo documentation – soon.


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