Therapy IX: empathy // about

Just got back from Bristol Biennial, UK, and must write this before this great feeling leaves me. Its so rare I get this feeling of being welcome and safe, and I’m so grateful to BB team and Eva Martino for this feeling  that I still carry within me.

Therapy IX was difficult : I was exploring both my weird relationship with this world – the thing people normally call “overreacting”, and the relationship of the media towards the subject which is always striking to me, the war / conflict / genocide. I think I will never get over this feeling of dark astonishment of how keen for murder the human race actually is.

Anyhow, the reaction others name “overreacting” is called “Empathy”. A short intro to the performance that I posted couple of days before performing goes like this:
“Empathy” is about us tied on short strings to the features of this realm, it is about how we react to the cruel and the scary, how we mostly try to dispose of things that seem to bother us, how we oftentimes pretend not to see, hoping this way it’ll hurt less. At the end it is about us, whose senses have not been anesthetized. 

The complete documentation of the performance is now online here, and I will soon add a description of the actions of the performance in the section of creative projects // therapy series.


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