Kraitis II / Dowry II performance

Seems that it has taken almost one year to get over the first Dowry, and here I am again. The theme of tradition, passing it over and through my own experience, the events of my personal and extra-personal life (the sickness of my grandma, the deaths of the parents of my closest friends), the feelings of loss and being lost, of need to hold and be held, to hide, to wake up from a state that often resembles a dream although it’s not, the urge and the attempt to stop re-living the past and start living now, all is interwoven within this work.
7+ hours work will be performed in Kaunas picture gallery on the 14th of November. The performance is a part of the exhibition by Kaunas Biennial, “THE SHROUD OF TIME“.

Focus on what I am not // a stone not a bird not a stone yet
Arrange the time // leave the past tense to the // past
Remember the steps of that old dance // two steps forward three steps back
Open a vein // or perchance the eyes // to now
Ground yourself // within each step within each word you utter
Breathe in breathe out // don’t forget // to drink plenty of water
Learn to bark like a dog // to writhe like a snake // to sing like the cobbles
Keep your silence until the morning will force the lids
Enfold with the tenderness of the night with the quiet of a lamb
Let the sea sleep in your ear
Bury yourself in the soil at mid-winter as the spades break
Bite your hand and wake up in a dream


Susitelkti į tai kas esu ne akmuo ne paukštis ne akmuo dar
Sudėlioti laiką praeities būtąjį palikti praeičiai
Atsiminti seno šokio žingsnius du pirmyn trys atgal
Atverti veną o gal akis į dabar
Įsižeminti į kiekvieną žingsnį į sakomą žodį
Įkvėpti iškvėpti nepamiršti gerti daug vandens
Išmokti loti šunimi raitytis gyvate giedoti grindiniu
Ištylėti iki rytas vokus atplėš jėga
Apsisiausti nakties švelnumu avinėlio ramybe
Leisti jūrai miegot ausyje
Įsikasti į dirvą viduržemy kastuvams lūžtant
Įsikąsti į ranką pabusti sapne


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