Hisses’n’hums tour to become murmur of past

Yesterday was so painful after more than a 1100 km car drive from Dresden to Vilnius, that I felt like interjections are the only words in vocabulary worth using. Now all seems a bit brighter over a glass of delightful chardonnay, although black is still the nicest color of them all & black-gray sky my cosy home.

I feel I have the right to declare that the tour went fine, especially for the following reasons: Polish police will do their job thus we won’t have to pay what we shouldn’t have paid in the first place; German police is doing their job well as well as our driver is doing his and NEVER driving drunk or on drugs (got his drug-test to prove if you need it!); we are still alive although we made 1500 km with broken brake pads through the mist that covered approx. 700 km.

Anyhow, loved every bit of playing live (as I always do) and loved the people – all those who helped us out big time, who shared their food, cares, support, interest in soft darkness, poetic grudge and noisy hiss, art, social issues, world politics, alcohol, homes, beds, talks, most importantly their TIME with us.

It was a precious journey. It disclosed quite much about people as well as the fact that the 3 persons being alongside me through \shit/load of things happening in those short days of hardcore tripping are damn fine people, and they made it all unforgettable.

Will try to somehow make myself post some sound from one of those online. As soon as I do, the link is due here.


Set: Skeldos, Oorchach, Obšrr, Daina Dieva (order of appearance flexible)

30 Nov: live @ Baszta / Wroclaw, PL

2 Dec: live @ Loophole / Berlin, DE (+ Elmer Masiakuma, Berlin)

3 Dec: live @ Theatre Impermanent / Leipzig, DE

5 Dec: live @ Alte-Feuerwache-Loschwitz / Dresden, DE (all our ❤ to Ulrich / club|debil)


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