Getting back

Haven’t written anything for quite a while now. In the mean time, some splendid things happened – I got a chance to play at Wroclaw Industrial Festival, I’d dare say THE industrial festival to go to (you can check out a video report about the festival here), got a really nice review of “Aviliai” by Suweln at Heathen Harvest online periodical, had a tough but interesting time performing in Leipzig BÜKÜ gallery in an exhibition curated by Andrėja Šaltytė alongside with video work by her and by Gabrielė Gervickaitė.

So all in all, it was a time of inspiring meetings, sounds and images, as well as time of heartbreaking moments when, the morning after the 11 13 in Paris, found out about all of it, and started doubting (even more than usual) if anything we do has any sense at all. And maybe it doesn’t really. But given that I have nothing else to do than do what I love to do, I’ll just proceed with it. In any case, in the end, as I heard in one film, “what will be left of us is love”.

So now I’m approaching the end of the calendar trying to arrange the photo documentation of my recent performances, trying to finish editing CREATurE Live Art 2015 videos (! still), trying to re-start working on a screenplay, trying to concentrate and to write, constant trying I suppose.

And what’s actually coming up is a performance in Iceland in Feb 2016, a Winter CREATurE edition in end Feb 2016, and hopefully something else, something nice.