Doină III in spring

Doină III took place in a museum in Ignalina. It was a slow motion experience of pushing a pile of earth with a plant in it for 1.45 hours through the distance of 9 metres, with the least waste possible. The motion was slower than breathing, and it left a trace similar to that of a slime behind.
It was very much about belonging, about home, about memory : the smell of wet earth, the feeling on fingers in the mud, almost waiting for the plant to bloom. Taking time to breathe in is something I forget to do, and using maximum energy for minimum move is something that is happening every day. Which makes me think that being a creature of nature, I am working against my own nature.
The plant was a rose, same kind that my grandma used to have in her garden in front of her house. She would pick those roses each time when she would go to the cemetery, and I would always think these are the most beautiful flowers existing, until I’d prick myself with one of the thorns.


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