KAS : the riddle is out

When I finished the recording of “KAS”, I would’ve never thought I’ll have to wait for 3 years to see it released. From the initial idea of having it on tape and working as a riddle (translated the names of the two pieces, they make “Ripens in Silence” (Tyloj Sirpsta) / “Fades in the Light” (Šviesoj Blykšta)).

After waiting for 1.5 year and, at the end, negotiating with some other people, I finally passed the record on to the North. Which took another 1.5 years to release. But at that point it was kind of irrelevant, as I got into my oh-so-rare zen mode, thinking “whatever cums”.

So here it is now,


Defined as a “Spooky trip in ritualistic dark ambient spirals and drones. An hour of timeless reflections in three parts,” it finally came out on VIBORA collective rec. as a CD with a captivating artwork by Arturas Rozkovas / designed by PD, in a ltd.edition of 300 copies, which are distributed through FI / RU / LT.

Drop me a line if you need a darn lullaby to rock you down to the bottom of id.

And here’s a review of the album on Heathen Harvest.



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