Time-travelling: Liquid Presences

Some things are easier than others. I am thinking that to myself while sitting in a cosy room on a third floor in a building still hot from astounding heat of Italian sun, incessant even in September, in Turin. Came here to prepare for the second part of the performance Liquid Presences. It started in Kaunas, the city I was born to (so, I guess, all of it started in Kaunas), and will end in Bristol, the one I’m gonna travel to in three days time.

The preparation for this performance had its difficulties, as all of them have. Although some things are definitely easier than others. I was thinking this while performing the first part of the trilogy, when it was only 16 Celsius outside, wind and rain, and me feverish, with a heavy cough, building a horizontal ladder towards the infinite flow of two rivers. Within each new step of the ladder, another thing I thought to myself, was the following: each plank of wood is in relation to the other, and the construction holds only because the relation between the segments is of a certain kind. It was a sort of an eye opener, this detail, that I actually overlooked while preparing for the performance and planning to build this exact structure. It’s easy to miss out on the bigger picture when one is mesmerised by a detail. But it’s lovely to find out something new about the work you do while you are doing it. “Liquid Presences” are very much about the relationship: to oneself and with the other(s).

Two more performances are coming up, the one in Torino and the one in the Bristol Biennial.

You can also spend an hour meditating on the first performance, the video of which is hostel online here (please notify me would the link not work at some point).

Liquid Presence I_Kaunas_by Algirdas Sapoka

Liquid Presences I, performed on the 04th Sept 2016, at Santaka, Kaunas (LT), picture by Algirdas Šapoka

The performance is part of the Bristol Biennial, it is being made in collaboration with Torino PERFORMANCEART and CREATurE Live Art, the whole thing is made possible with the generous support of the Lithuanian Culture Council and loving help of some people closest to me.


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