Chaos: sounds for the end of the world as we know it

The power of unknown CHAOS, a performance by Maurícia | Neves, will be having it’s premiere on Saturday (4th Feb 2017) in Teatro Ibérico in Lisbon.

I am, firstly, very grateful to Maurícia | Neves for inviting me to work on the soundtrack for this piece (on the residency in Wbmotion Kultur Verein, during which she presented a 3hrs version of the piece) with her, it is lovely to work on the concept of chaos on stage!

Secondly, the concept she is working on – the contemporary chaos of the system we are living in and the un-sustainability thereof – is something that, for me, resonates very intensely. These are exactly the times to be talking, working, performing, singing about it, instead of complaining the system is not working, do what we know best, in order to change it. Because these are the times when walls may rise, when liberties we thought we had are just a footstep from being taken away from us, when all we thought was known risks being blacked out and in this way obliterated, when lies transvest themselves for truth.

This is the time when we must remember how to build bridges, extinguish fake fires, check our facts, and REMEMBER. All those from the countries that have recently regained independence, and 26 years is recent, should never forget Iron Curtain, censorship, exploitation, deception and lie, dehumanization, hypernormalization of things abnormal, deportations, and many other things that have been a constant abuse of power. I would hate to hear that all of the above is “going to come back in style”.

Concept, choreography, performer and costumes: Mauritius | Neves
Sound Environments: Daina Dieva
Design of lights: Maurícia Neves
Video and photo: Bon Bon
Support: Wbmotion Kultur Verein, Mdance, dancenema, TEMPO-Teatro Municipal de Portimão, COMPANHIA Olga Roriz, Musibéria


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