Yearly Posting is an Inefficient Communication Practice

I notice how my posting is becoming rarer and rarer each year. It might have to do with the ups and downs I’ve been experiencing these years and the load of the projects I’m either fully or partly involved in.

I was hoping to pop a joyful message of the material of the new album being finalized last December. Alas! This proved not being possible due to the most awkward and idiotic thing that might happen. You know how everyone always goes about storing important material in multiple places? This is what you’d expect to be done with the material which has been worked on for three years. And yet, albeit my pursuits to keep track and store updated / reworked materials in both my pc and an external drive, somehow, a bit too late, I figured that my external drive had a rather old version of the album I was working on. What happened in the beginning of December was my computer falling down flat on the ground (nevermind how!) and the harddrive ending up ruined beyond the possibility to restore the materials.

Nothing else on that harddrive would have been as important as that album was.

Therefore December was a very gloomy one. Eventhough I am used to gloomy by now, this has exceeded my expectations and set a new record of gloominess.

Nevertheless, right now I am working (anew) on the materials for that album, feeling it’s a sort of a Sisyphean task. That hard December, given that what remained on my external drive was half-a-year old and older pre-records, thus I worked mostly on what’s remained in my head, has resulted in new choices of sounds, complete reworking of some tunes, and in me throwing away loads of bu<3shit. Maybe for the better.

It has taken a month to put my mind at peace about this unfortunate event (yes, that would never happen to you). I would lie telling you that from now on each move I make is recorded onto three different supports. It is not. I am still recording the way I used to and I will make a copy of all that I do as soon as I have time to do that. And anyhow, I have hope that shit doesn’t happen twice.

In the meanwhile I am also preparing sound-design for a presentation of the translation of Lovecraft’s short stories to Lithuanian (which is happening today!). I remember reading him when I was 18 I guess and trying to translate some of that stuff. I was happy to read that gloom and to visualise immense greenish-greyish corridors (I honestly have no explanation for that), although now that I read his texts, I see a lot of other things, that mostly put me off. Nevertheless, the soundtrack is almost ready, there’s a lot of gloomy corridors and moaning ghosts in it. Just the way it should be.

How inefficient of me to be so reluctant at communicating my endeavours. Thanks to those that follow my ventures and listen to the sounds of DD / watch my performances regardless.

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