Sounds out & things to look forward to

Wohltemperierte – I like the idea of well tempered noise, above all things. The piece of mine (!) by this title found its way into Isolation compilation by club|debil / tolkewitz records / raubbau. The total compilation is 17 tracks over two sides of a magnetic tape, recorded by a variety of different artists. Get your tape in physical format from tolkewitz (highly recommended!) or listen to it online here.

Otherwise things are going as a river keeps flowing. Budynes, a composition on environmental destruction and grief, that was developed and presented in 2020 in Samogitia, had its presentation on a scene in Vienna (AU) in November. As always, melts my heart knowing my sounds are traveling more than myself.

By the end of the year a collaboration with the dance company Low Air (Airida Gudaitė & Laurynas Žakevičius), performer & sound artist Simonas Nekrošius and dancer Ieva Lapelytė which started in Startas art residency in Rokiškis (LT) in Sept 2020 will continue in somewhat hybrid form(at). Our piece “Blue blue” will be presented on the scene of Arts Printing House, prob the best place to present contemporary dance in Lithuania. I have prepared my part of the composition to be dissected and adapted to the live performance by other set of hands while I’m still some 2500 km away, and just hope to be able to see and perform the piece live with these lovely humans sometime next year.

Also, I was working on a sound for a new dance piece And Still We Move by Joana Castro (PT) and Mauricia Barreira Neves (PT) this year. The piece was premiered in October, without my presence, sadly, however, I just got the news that it is in the top 10 of best Portuguese productions of the year. Just how cool is that? Playing remote shows is the opposite of hot, surely, but having these lovely collaborations being recognized is pretty awesome.

Hard to plan other things ahead given the year of the plague turned out to be an endless nightmare. However, there is at least one brilliant release to be looking forward to by the start of next year (and lets see how the planets align for yet another thing that’s brewing). Will write about that in due time. But for starters – it’s gonna be a release of an album we produced in this brand new collaboration with some brilliant humans. This album turned out to be a place where I had the possibility to write quite some text, as opposed to my usual 10 lines for half an hour of sound. It is about grief, love, longing for and along with various other-than-humans, and I even use my human voice to sing about all of this.

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