“Aviliai” is an album by two Lithuanian drone-ambient projects Daina Dieva and Skeldos. Their idea on working on a record together has matured over a couple of years, and finally, when materialized, became a multifaceted soundscape. The sound travels in between the silence and the noise, layered voice-patterns give way to a harsher wall of sounds, easing out again to the minimal volume, maximum tension.

Skeldos tell, that “the album is about a dream, which is being born while you fall into the sleep while surrounded by the branches of a tree, as if in your bee-hive. It is as if you’d walk though viscous sands that become endless seas, into the sound of the rain of moths. It’s a dream which needs you body-less. It’s a dream from which you can’t return.”

“I’ve filled “Aviliai” album with the sweetness of honey, with my pain and heartburn, my longing for serenity and the fatigue of time. All of those feelings and forebodings, dreams and nightmares unfold themselves and turn to sound,” shares Daina Dieva.

This sound-trip starts with a flutter of a butterfly in a mirror and goes through to the core of a dream.

Duration: 47 mins
Format: 6-panel digipack
Copies: 300
Released by: Daina Dieva & Skeldos (sls-02)
Price: 10 Eur
To get the album, contact: daina@terror.lt


This symphony of sorrow is minimal but sounds huge; a cathedral’s worth of shimmer and reverb adds massive scale and sweep to the carefully drawn strings and echo. A litany of sorts, this is amongst the most gorgeous and genuinely moving music this listener has heard in a long while.

Ambitious, epic and yet also intimate and minimalist, this is something very special.

By The Active Listener

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