I was born in Kaunas, Lithuania in the summer of 1983.

Since the age of 7 I was singing in choirs. Along with the solfeggio, the vocal lessons and lots of concerts, those thirteen years of singing provided me with pretty tough contemporary classics backbone.

I graduated from Vilnius University Faculty of Philology as a Bachelor of Lithuanian and Italian Philology. After a year working as a translator and working in a DIY type of radio, – I left LT.

Semtember 2007-September 2008 was “Aye Aye Film Festival Nancy Lorraine” (France) year, doing film scouting, coordinating some of the programs, coordinating the “Youth in Action” program in the “Aye Aye” association, administrating the website, translating etc. etc. etc. I also won a grant by the French Ministry of Youth and Culture to make my first doc. An eye – opener.

October 2008 – December 2008 – creating and collaborating time in Sardinia (Italy), making videos and sound along with fellow artists for a play by “Varitmes” contemporary dance company.

March 2009 – September 2009 I was working as an assistant, sound designer etc. at studio “Nominum” in Vilnius (Lithuania), which was good – learning about documentary filmmaking from the best is always a blast. Not enough though.

October 2009 – August 2010 I became a student in Scuola APM in Saluzzo (Italy), perhaps the best educational unit in the whole of Italy that gives so much in so little time for those wanting to master audio and video.

May 2010 – September 2010 were the months of Marseille (France) – I got there to do my internship and to work until the end of one production production. I still love “Neon Productions” company and working as a second camera assistant on J/J Jauffret’s “Apres Le Sud” was a great experience of a professional film set.

October 2010 – September 2011 I was a freelance videomaker / sounddesigner / whatever in Torino (Italy). Was fun. Especially doing the backstage shooting for the “Sette Opere di Misericordia” by brothers De Serio.

October 2011 – February 2012 was spent working with the “Kaunas Film Studio”. Wrote a script for one feature. Made some preproduction work done. Did some film classes for great kids.

March 2012 till present – a whatever, a freelance filmmaker, a musician and performer, a project assist in NAC. During this whatever-period, I’ve been artist in residence in Klaipėda KKKC (Lithuania, September 2012) and Ptarmigan (Tallinn, Estonia, October – December 2012).

I/m as well one of the establishers, curators and organizers of an international performance art festival “CREATurE Live Art” that for the 3rd time took place in Kaunas, June 2014 and became the only yearly international performance art event in Lithuania at present.

Ich bin a volunteer in various festivals, like “Devilstone” metal fest and others, a devout good coffee lover, a militant supporter of free speech, eco-matters and critical thinking, an occasional writer, a believer that every single good deed can change this place for the better. Well, no results of the latter are yet to be seen.

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