“Bestiarium” took place in Plunge (Lithuania) performance art festival “Simbolis” in August 2014.

I guess my performance in it started way before the actual day of announced performance. It took me two weeks to gather the materials: sticks of pines and various other wood from the forest in Nida, LT. Those were hot sunny days, the air smelled like honey, and during my lunch-break I would go to the forest, eat wild raspberry and blackberry and gather the sticks. I would come back to my room and glue the sticks to the carcass, made from the same material. It seemed such a slow process that by the end of the first week I started doubting if I was actually gonna make it for the performance.

Bestiariumas 1 Bestiariumas 3 Bestiariumas 4 Bestiariumas 5 Bestiariumas 7 Bestiariumas 8 Bestiariumas 9 Bestiariumas 10 Bestiariumas 11 Bestiariumas 15 Bestiariumas 16 Bestiariumas 17 Bestiariumas 30 Bestiariumas 31 Bestiariumas 32All photos by Nerijus Danilevičius

The performance started 5 mins after my arrival to Plunge bus station, 5 mins to change and put the thing people I met on the way started calling “a nest” on my head. I first went to the park of Zemaiciu museum, ‘t was kindda tricky I didn’t see a heck – luckily I had a great helper, Nerijus (the author of the photos). But then it was fine, the grass, the paper, starting fires wherever I could, tying nylon fishing thread around the fountain and elderly ladies on the bench, stepping in and out the fountain and slipping on its queer slippery surface, people talking all sorts of things, commenting me as if the fact they wouldn’t see me seeing them made me deaf to their talks, and all damn sincere – the reactions, the slipping on wet fountain tiles, the fire, the try to understand the language of the other.

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