CREATurE is a collaborative unit that performs and organizes an international performance art platform “CREATurE Live Art” in Kaunas, Lithuania. We are me (Daina (DiEvA) Pupkevičiūtė) and Vaida Tamoševičiūtė.
We started our collaboration where I was contributing sound to the performance by Vaida in 2010.
Year 2011 it turned out to way more intense collaboration during “Šarvai” performance, ideated and developed by both, performed by Vaida, filmed/edited/sound-edited by Daina.
Eventually in 2012 our collaboration came to a point where it burst into a performance festival “CREATurE Live Art”, collaboratively and with the support of Meno Parkas art gallery in Kaunas.
But! the thing we love about performance art is performing. Hence we perform as often as we can. We might be interested in collaborations and participations, therefore do not hesitate to contact us.



MPU_0MPU_1MPU_2MPU_3MPU_5MPU_6MPU_7MPU_8MPU_9“Spektaklis” seems to have been a pain in the ass for the organizers : it was feared we’re gonna burn the place down. (Given that it’s not the first time in my and our common (me and V) performance practice it’s being done, I felt, say, nearly insulted.) Anyhow, the performance was a lot about the society of the spectacle, about the masks we’re meant to wear, about social roles, expectations, our expectations towards ourselves as well. It was also influenced by Vaida’s recent radical job change.
Performance started with Vaida banging the floor with her stick and screaming “Spektaklis!” (“Spectacle / Performance!), and me starting to cur her dress: from down upwards in a continuous line. When I cut it off entirely, I wrapped it around my head, still going in circles around Vaida. As soon as it was all on, and I couldn’t see a bit, I put my head into a bowl of naphtha, soaked the red ribbon, and drew a long wet line of naphtha with my face on the floor. I got back to Vaida, and wrapped a line of a ribbon on the end of her stick. Then I lit it. As soon as I did, she lowered the stick to light the ribbon. I took a handfull of Bengali lights and lit them on my behalf.

Photo documentation by Mantas Puida.

“Plaque at the Oak Tree”

1 2 3 4This one was a great deal of fun: it was a pop-up and although planned, done without any permissions or stuff, basically the way I love it to happen. We made it on the 19th of October 2014, London, Russell Square. It was about the stuff that’s happening to the world, about our place in the world. Basically inspired by the events in Ukraine and Syria, but generally – about the way the invisible warfare is happening all around and about the conflicts generated by the inexhaustible crave for the “Lebensraum“. About the world leaderships that have failed. About democracies that are being tread upon. About faith that is being destroyed and hope being broken down each day. And about how blind we are to what is happening to the world.  No highly elaborate metaphors this time. None needed when mourning.

Photo documentation by Monika Klimaitė.

Performance “Bind. N/Ever/Last”

IMG_6220 IMG_6236 IMG_6312 IMG_6366 IMG_6369 IMG_6394We re-worked this performance for this really beautiful space in HoltzmarktStrasse in Berlin, ’cause we felt like it had many unanswered questions (we did the first version of it in 2012 in Tallinn). And we had many unanswered questions, too. Lots of tensions and the feeling that we’re parting ways was fluttering the space in the months before this performance, but these four hours, as well as the prep time before, kind of worked the miracle and the wounds started healing.

We had four aluminium buckets for this performance and lots and lots of long broad ribbon. We filled 2 of the buckets with the water from a nearby river, and fastened the ribbons to the sides of the space. Then we started walking from one side of the space towards the other, our paths crossing each time. At both ends of the room we would leave an empty bucket, and we would carry the full bucket through the space, put the water into an empty one, leave the one that’s been emptied and take the full. We would wash the ribbons sometimes, and when they’d be wet, they’d be making this beautiful snake-like sound. The water would get more and more dirty, and the ribbons would get tighter, and we’d be drawn closer together bit by bit. It ended when the ribbons were so short and tight that we couldn’t move and I couldn’t breath any longer.

Performance lasted for nearly four hours, it took place in Month of Performance Art Berlin 2014. Photo documentation by Andrius.

Performance “I sea U”

IMG_4196 copy IMG_4199 copy

IMG_4247 copy

We are standing in the furthest possible points of the gallery, opposite to each other, with our heads wrapped with bandage so that we would not be able to see anything and nobody would see our faces. One of us starts walking with a box of matches, lighting one  match each step of the way, the other one is walking from the opposite side with a torch soaked in kerosene, so that the meeting of the two would without a doubt result in fire. And indeed, when we meet, we light up the torch, and – while holding it with our left hands – we take out small scissors from our pockets and begin cutting bandages from each others’ faces. Scissors are too sharp to be confident about not hurting each other. The performance ends with both of us bandage-less and the torch almost out.

Performance took place during an exhibition on Fluxus opening in “Jonas Mekas Visual Art Center” in Vilnius, LT.

Photo documentation by Aurelija Taločkaitė.

Performance “Bind” 



This performance had place in the huge Polymer factory in Tallinn, Estonia, in the end of October. We picked a beautiful space, a bridge connecting two parts of the building, a pity though that people were passing through and the general atmosphere of hurry and distraction was pretty annoying. We started with our 20m. long ribbons being tied in the upper part of the bridge, standing in front of each other. In both ends of the bridge there were two buckets – one filled with water, and the other empty. Each time we crossed the space, we crossed each others trajectory, so that the ribbons in time would intertwine and thus become a hard rope. Each time both of us would reach each one the other side of the corridor, we would pour the water from the full bucket to the empty one, leave the empty one and carry on with the full.

As the ribbons were on dirty floor, we washed them in buckets a couple of times, then they started doing that mesmerizing shush sound. As they were intertwining, we has less and less space to go back and forth. The performance ended when a huge knot had tied up at Vaida’s back – for some time I was still moving forth and back, but in the end it was impossible. It ended with us cutting the ropes off with a knife.

The performance lasted for about 1.4 hrs, it was performed during the “Dimanche Rouge” performance festival, October 2012.

Performance “Sėjomaina”





We tied ourselves with horse-chains in the middle of a green meadow, so that our movement would form a circle with a diameter of 7-8 meters. Vaida was cutting the grass with a kitchen knife, while I was digging a ditch around, as far as I could possibly reach given the chain. As I finished the circle, I took the scissors our of my hair. I started cutting it and planting in hanks into the ditch. When I was done with planting, and Vaida had still long to go to finish the cutting, I started walking in circle in order to define clearly its shape. While walking, the chains started entwining one with the other and with the already cut grass. Therefore the radius of my chain grew smaller and smaller, until I could no longer keep the distance from Vaida. The performance ended when she finished cutting the grass all over the radius of the circle.

Performance lasted for 1.5 hours, it was performed during the opening of land art exhibition “Identity”  in Vilnius University Botanical Garden.

Performance “Being Normal”

daina12 06 23 077

I was playing suite for an electric guitar while Vaida was shaving her legs until they started bleeding heavily. Rhythmical structure of the guitar piece was based on Vaida’s movements – one draw of the razor was equal to one stroke of the bow. Performance lasted 20 mins., it was performed during “CREATurE Live Art” performance festival 2012.

Photo by Gediminas “Skrandis” Banaitis.


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