If you want to hear me live, you’re welcome in Wrocław, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden next week (start Dec 2014). Sure thing if your spot in DE is not covered on the tourmap, you can write me – perhaps with your help we could find out a way to bring dD sounds to wherever you are.

If you need info on my solo albums or some other bigger projects, check them out in the Soundworks sub-pages, if you just dropped by for random stuff, it’s below, all the data about the life concerts is stored here.

Last year swiped through while waiting for a release of a “KAS” album, which has content, artwork and mastering done, but the labels I’ve contacted were a bit slow (two years is a bit slow) to release them. It’s possible that “KAS” will end up in the dumpster of my memories.

Meanwhile an album with SKELDOS is supposed to come up sometime in Dec or Jan., do not want to sound unsoundly confident, but it is something worthwhile.

In the meanwhile, give a listen to this thing in my Bandcamp page – it might still be unheard-for-you piece of sound, lasting over fifty mins. Soundtrack for you wintersleep perhaps? Well, you can also give it a try on those:

Listen to the live set from the June 2012 performance:

Listen to “Aukso Sesė”, composed for the performance “Šarvai” (“Armor”):

Listen to “Looking for Sanmi”:


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