“Nakčia” is the first solo album by project “Daina Dieva”.
It was released on the 31st of December 2009, it is a net-release, therefore  used to be available online for a free download on the website. However, the website is by now inaccessible, therefore it is available online, still free-of-charge or pay-if-you-can/want/will, on my bandcamp account, here.


Nakčia is a meditation of the enchanted time between the two suns, two all devouring creatures that are very alike yet never the same, they travel implying their order to the space and time, they devour each other and give birth to the race
of hermaphrodite suns.

I. Nakčia
II. Lopšinė

Lopšinė – Lullaby from Daina Dieva on Vimeo.

Flute/voice/guit/noise/prog/carillon/texts by Daina Dieva
Nakčia was composed for the Kupolės Gathering June 2009, LT
Reconstructed, recorded and mastered in September 2009
Re-mastered by Ronny – Seetyca September 2009
Lopšinė re-recorded & mastered September 2009, FR

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