The power of unknown CHAOS
by Maurícia Neves

I am very grateful to Mauritius Neves for inviting me to work on this piece (on the residency in Wbmotion Kultur Verein) with her, it is lovely to work on the concept of chaos in the contemporary performance! The piece has been presented in a version of 3 hrs in the aforementioned residency, and will be presented in Teatro Ibérico in Lisbon in the start of February 2017.

Concept, choreography, performer and costumes: Mauritius | Neves
Sound Environments: Daina Dieva
Design of lights: Maurícia Neves
Video and photo: Bon Bon
Support: Wbmotion Kultur Verein, Mdance, dancenema, TEMPO-Teatro Municipal de Portimão, COMPANHIA Olga Roriz, Musibéria

by Tommaso Pedone

YermaS from Tommaso Pedone on Vimeo.

One of the most difficult yet extremely inspiring sound works to make until now has been the soundtrack for “YermaS” – an independent art video based on Federico Garcìa Lorcas character Yerma, directed and edited by Italian artist Tommaso Pedone:

“The intimate drama of the Spanish writer for the director becomes a contemporary metaphor: woman, “all-powerful mother” of humankind, expresses her natural drive to give birth, whilst at the same her modern sensibilities prevent her from noticing that Life is all around, both within and without, trapped, as we all are, by the unending search for the idea of desire itself.”

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