Feature length

Three Days

The work on this film started in late 2008, when “Ledo Takas” proposed to make a doc. about a disbanded black metal band “Dissimulation”. I knew the band, I liked what they do, and I answered I can do it as long as it does not have to be a “regular” format documentary – like talking heads in the grey screen.

So the next thing I knew was us filming in January 2009, with -15 Celsius outside, in the Anykščiai region, trying to make the characters open up at the bonfire; having them totally drunk the day after; having them explaining some photos later on, etc. I wasn’t really happy with the result we’d gotten, so when they released the news about getting together to play their last gig in a huge outdoor metal music festival that would take place at the city they were born in – as people and as a band as well – it was the news that there’s a possibility to make the film work.

Here we were invading their rehearsals three days before their last-ever (or so they told me) live gig, their car, their lives, their backstage, their after-gig tripping. And that was them for real – not trying to set and play some characters in front of a serious camera, but just being them, as some small handheld piece of equipment was recording it all.

A disclosure, a tight relationship, trust, hope, highs and lows, all the discourse cut down to the essential was the outcome of the days along their path.


Featuring “Dissimulation” band
Directed by Daina Pupkevičiūtė
Written by Daina Pupkevičiūtė & “Dissimulation”
Produced by Tadas Kazlauskas
Runtime 63′, color, lithuanian with eng. subtitles
“Ledo Takas” production 2011-2012
Premiered at “Heavy Metal Film Fest” in USA, California 2011





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