Short videos

Late December 2012 / EE

Short doc, the outcome of my artistic residency in Ptarmigan (Tallinn, Eesti) during October – December 2012. It is the result of more than a hundred interviews that I made (only a small part of them were recorded as of interviewees request, see video) in the area of Pelgulinn. The population of the area is mostly Russian, Belorussian and of other slavonic providence, the bigger part of elderly and middle-aged people do not speak (well) Estonian, most of them are laborers, cleaners, supermarket or bazaar peddlers. The younger generation though is making it their home – most of them speak fluent Estonian and have Estonian nationality. Still a lot of those interviewed admitted to be in a ghetto – like situation. My main question on every occasion was if this is their home / what is home. I myself am still looking for the answer.

Late November 2012 / LT

“SUM” started out sometime in Spring 2012, while being sucked up into psychotherapy’n’stuff, a difficult period which lasted for six months, but was way less difficult than all that preceded it. I even tried using it as a video projection during my life gig in Mėnuo Juodaragis 2013 festival. During my residency in Klaipėda KKKC, September 2012, I sort of went through all the same feelings I had while filming the video, and it was the right time and place to record the sound for this video. I guess it was one of the most difficult videos I’ve done. I know why. But I won’t tell ya.

2009 – 2010 / IT/FR

Filmed in Cagliari, Sardegna it was supposed to be a start of an eco- videos, later became a one to four channel installation. The installation was built specially for “Effetti di Movimento” theatre and art festival in Rome 2010. Here’s the presentation of the video which was projected in the tunnels of Forte Prenestino.

October 2009 / LT/FR/IT

This video was created along/for a song of mine by the same title, which “came out” along with the net release “Nakčia” on Darkwinter net label late December 2009. The album is free-of-charge and may be downloaded. The video was presented in various video events, one of them was the “Electric Shadows Film Festival” in Beijing, China.

December 2008 / IT

It all started with the videos for a contemporary dance spectacle “Inutili Abbracci” in Cagliari. Then the material was re-edited and refined and became this short film. It was shown in video art festivals in Australia, Germany, Italy, has been screened in France, Lithuania etc.

Late November 2008 / IT

A video constructed for a live gig, played by me alongside with Svart1. The length of the video was almost half an hour, see an extract here.

September 2008 / FR

My very first doc.

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