Leaving the Garden

Leaving the Garden“Leaving the Garden” was the second solo album by my “Daina Dieva” project.
Archaic delirious drones of the Garden as vast dark green fields.
As subconscious movements of mind fading into distance of long forgotten
memories. Drifting through the surface of cold shallow waters of surreal
landscape in the ulterior pitch black night.

I. Waiting for the Snow
II. Saulelė Raudona
III. Leaving the Garden
IV. Tylioji

All voice, sounds and lyrics in the album created by Daina Dieva
Mixing & Mastering by Fabio F. Punzi
Visual language & Graphics by Videl Velsmord
Artistic Supervisor – Seetyca
“Tylioji” & “Saulelė Raudona” vox recorded at the Scuola APM di Saluzzo
studio with the kind consent of Mauro Loggia

Album released 16th March 2011 on “Section XIII Coma


“Leaving the Garden is a well thought out  piece of art. It maintains innocence whilst scoring an ethereal high (art) on all counts. “

by Zenon Gradkowski, Heathen Harvest

Daina Dieva has the capacity to make you travel back and forth and when the album is over you feel unpleasantly surprised with the fact that this music did more to you than you might have expected at the first minute of the album.”

by Sabine van Gameren, Tempelores magazine

Daina è come Circe, come l’Aracne del pittore Gustave Dorè, mostro ma con il viso bellissimo di una donna in cui perdersi, dannati, in attesa del finale, scuro, quasi etnico: di nuovo la voce, ma ora lo stampo è “witch”, l’incanto è riuscito, forse era solo un sogno<…>.”

by Nicola Tenani, www.ondarock.it

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