creative projects / timeline


Live at xi20, with Mindaugas Badokas (guitar & programming) opening for Alpha Strategy

Live at Kirtimu Kulturos Centras, with Mindaugas Badokas (guitar & programming) opening for Icelandic Hekla

Making sound for Anesthetize piece by Mauricia Barreira Neves // January at residencies  O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo and Centro Cultural Villa Flor, Guimaraes, PT


Making sound for Anesthetize piece by Mauricia Barreira Neves // December on residency at Menų spaustuvė, Vilnius, LT

Release of hibou // special for Kaunas Magazine Į, Kaunas, LT

Live concert in Skanu Mežs opening concert, Riga, LV

Live concert in Mėnuo Juodaragis, LT with Gabija Juknevičiūtė (cello), Mindaugas Badokas (percussion and synth), Adomas Lapinskas (drums)

Performance Grieving Ritual in Paikkari Performance festival, FI // with the support of Nordic Culture Point

Performance with Das Vegas “Art Value: Auction” in R1 experimental space, Stockholm, SE // with the support of Nordic Culture Point

Performance Dialogue VII in Wroclaw, PL

Performance Nature Morte avec Cendres, Rouille et Cris, performed at POST gallery, Kaunas, LT

Soundtrack for the presentation of the book of translated selected Lovecraft stories, in the context of Vilnius Book Fair, on invite by Kitos Knygos

Performance art workshop Autobiography in Performance for young artists in the context of artistic residency (1 month) in AirWro, Wroclaw, Poland


Residency (research, 2 weeks) in AirWro, Wroclaw, Poland

Live concert at AREA industrial music festival, Kaunas, LT

Performance art workshop Body:Shame in Kauno menininku namai in Kaunas, LT

Performance Therapy XI in the context of the residency in Žagarė Fringe Festival, LT

Performances Tîmè: Memory & Decorum and Dialogue VI in Sofia Underground performance art festival in Sofia, Bulgaria

Soundtrack for CHAOS project with Maurícia Barreira Neves at Menų Spaustuvė (Arts Printinghouse), Vilnius


Playing live @ Grandis by DAI + GHIA + NEKROKATARSIS in Kablys, Vilnius

Leading a performance workshop organized by KKKC and with a daycare centre for people with disability Lakštutė

Playing live @ Yukatan Extencion in Vilnius, Deja vu with Morrigun and Raguvos

Performance Liquid Presence at Kaunas LT / Turin IT / Bristol UK for the BRISTOL BIENNIAL, September

Performing with Das Vegas / MANIFESTA CH : Art Value Auction, August

Live sound & sound installation in the framework of 3 week residency @ WB Wurzel Bewegung 2016, Germany, August

Album “KAS” released by VIBORA label, June

Live @ Nostalghia by GHIA org., Kaunas, LT, April

Performance “Doină III” @Ignalina museum, in the framework of “Questioning Arts” residency program by Utena Art Center, March

Performance “Doină II” @ Þingeyri, Iceland, in the framework of “Questioning Arts” residency program by Utena Art Center, February


Performance @ “suniro” exhibition, BÜKÜ gallery, Leipzig, DE, November

Live at Wroclaw Industrial Festival, Wroclaw, PL, November

Performance “Doinā”, while on residency in Utena Art Center in the framework of “Questioning Arts” residency programme, Leliunai, LT, September

Performance “Dowry III/Kraitis III”, at Landart exhibition at Kairenai botanic garden, LT, September

Live at Menuo Juodaragis open air festival, Zarasai, LT, August

Performance “Dialogue V”, performed in front of a Berlin Wall, DE, May

Performances “Dialogue”, I to IV, performed in public spaces of the city of Venice, IT, May

Performance “Ilgesio”, collab. with Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, for exhibition “Juodos rožės”, JMVMC Vilnius, LT

Shaping a 3-day performance art workshop w.Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, for Kosmine Odiseja event, Vilnius Academy of Arts, LT

Performance “Spektaklis” for SPEIGAS festival, collab.with Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, Vilnius, LT

Performance “Therapy X”, for Winter CREATurE event, POST gallery, Kaunas, LT, January

Live at ELEKTROSPIECIUS concert, Anykščiai, LT, January

Release of “AVILIAI” album, created and recorded with Lithuanian project Skeldos, January


Live concerts with Obšrr, Oorchach & Skeldos at:
30 Nov :: Wroclaw / PL :: Baszta
2 Dec :: Berlin / DE :: Loophole
3 Dec :: Leipzig / DE :: Theatre Impermanent
5 Dec :: Dresden / DE :: Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz

Performance “Dowry II“, dur.7+ hrs, for the opening of “Shroud of Time” (organized by Kaunas Biennial, curated by Virginija Vitkiene & Neringa Stoškutė) exhibition in Kaunas picture gallery, LT, November

Performance “Plaque at the oak tree“, collaborative with Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, Russel Square, London, UK, October

Performance “Therapy IX: Empathy“, for Bristol Biennial, UK, September

Concert in collaboration with Skeldos for Menuo Juodaragis open air festival, Skinderiškis dendrological reserve, Lithuania, August

Performance “Bestiarium“, for “Simbolis” performance art festival in Plungė, Lithuania, August

Concert “Beehive”, for the art festival “Kaunas in Art”, gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas, Lithuania, July

Performance “Silent Stories of Istanbul“, IPA Istanbul Platform for Young Performance Artists 2014, Turkey, June

Performance “Spider Lullabies“, in the framework of IPA Istanbul 2014 workshop led by Nezaket Ekici; Tarabya, Istanbul, Turkey, June

Performance “N.Ever.Last – Bind“, Month of Performance Art – Berlin festival, collaboration with Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, Germany, May

Performance “Therapy VII: Association“, Month of Performance Art Berlin festival, Germany, May

Performance “Therapy VIII: Autoportrait in Fire“, at SMD “KOSMINE ODISEJA 2014”, Titanikas gallery, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius, April


Performance “Dowry / Kraitis” in Meno Parkas gallery, Kaunas, December

Performance w.Vaida Tamoševičiūtė in Jonas Mekas Visual Art Center, Vilnius, December

Performance “Therapy VI : distance / atstumai” in gallery POST, Kaunas, December

Live concert tour in Germany with Oorchach and Bruzgynai, “Madame Claude” Berlin, “OstPol” Dresden, “BlackBox” Munster, “Institut fur Neuie Medien” Frankfurt, “Walpoden Akademie” Mainz

Live concert at “Zemlika Festival” in Durbe, Latvia, October

Performance in duo with Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, “Homo Ludens” festival, Jonava, October

Performance “Therapy V: Apsivalymas / Cleansing”, Vilnius – Botanical garden at Kairėnai, “Metamorphosis” Land Art festival, September

Performance “Nature-Morte“, VilniusART, Lithuania, June

Performance “Therapy IV: Habeo“, Kaunas – CREATurE Live Art festival, Lithuania, June

Live concert in Centras festival (, Lithuania, April


Live concert in KafeRiga in Valmiera, Latvia, December 2012

“Shelter Town:Home” short (8′) creative documentary video, Estonia, 2012 (project developed while in artistic residency in Ptarmigan art space, Tallinn, Estonia)

“SUM: A Piano Lesson” short (4′) art video, Lithuania 2012

Performance “Therapy III: Red Ribbon” in Ptarmigan, Tallinn, EE, December 2012 (performance  developed and presented while on artistic residence in Ptarmigan art space, Tallinn, Estonia)

Live concerts in Hamburg and Bremen (D), along with Aram Anam and Oorchach, November 2012

Performance with Vaida Tamoševičiūtė during the “Dimanche Rouge” performance festival, Tallinn, EE, October 2012

Live concert in Kodu Bar, Tallinn EE, October 2012

“Napatum” transmedia project for KKKC, Klaipėda LT. When in Klaipėda, go have some fun wandering the real city to discover the imaginary city: (project created while in artistic residency in Ptarmigan, Tallinn, EE)

Performance “Therapy I” in KKKC gallery @ Klaipėda LT, September 2012 (performance created while in artistic residency in Klaipeda KKKC, LT)

Performance “Sejomaina” along with Vaida Tamoseviciute during a “Land Art : Identity” exhibition in the Botanic garden of Vilnius University, Kairenai LT, September 2012

Live concert @ Mėnuo Juodaragis festival 15th edition, Zarasai LT, August 2012

Performance along with Vaida Tamoseviciute during the “CREATurE Live Art” performance festival, Meno Parkas gallery, Kaunas LT, June 2012

Live concert with “Oorchach” and “Nadja” in Kablys Club, Vilnius LT, May 2012

Live show with “Lapot” project in Vilnius LT, February 2012 on “Speigas”

Live concert “Sting” at “Speigas” festival in Kaunas

Live show with “Lapot” project in Helsinki FI, January 2012

Projects’ “Lapot” debut tape “Igneous Corrosion” released on Obscurex label, FI, hear an extract

Live concert “Raganos vaikas” at “Šerkšnas” festival in Vilnius, January 2012

Live show with “Lapot” project at “Šerkšnas” festival in Kaunas, January 2012


Soundtrack “Mėlynos dainos” for the performance “Šarvai” by Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, presented in art gallery “Meno parkas”, December 2011, watch the video

“Anapus tilto” screenplay for a feature-length film by D.Savickas, November 2011

Live concert “BlueBlack” at “Tundra” electronic music festival in Lithuania, July 2011

“Leaving the Garden” album (cd + special edition box) released on “Coma XIII Section” label (UK), March 2011, buy it here

Live concert at “Pasakų pelkė” event, Vilnius, Lithuania, April 2011

Release of a musical documentary road-movie “Three Days”, March 2011; first presented at the Heavy Metal Film Fest USA, watch trailer 1 & trailer 2

Live concert “Night Gardening” with Jitter, in Turin, Italy, February 2011

Soundscape “Yerma” for the experimental film by Tommaso Pedone “YermaS”, Italy, January 2011, watch YermaS


Live concert @ “TechNoir” in Turin, Italy, July 2010 -programming / voice

Video installation “Invaded Earth”, constructed for the theatre and contemporary dance festival “Effetti di Movimento” in Forte Prenestino, Rome, Italy, June 2010, watch the trailer here

Soundscape “Leaving the Garden” for the performance of Vaida Tamoševičiūtė; performed during the “Hemispheres” event the 12th June 2010, Kaunas, Lithuania


“Nakcia” album released on “Darkwinter net label” (download it for free!), december 31, 2009

Video “Lullaby” created for the net-release of “Nakčia” album, first screened at Electric Shadows Film Festival in Beijing, China, 2010

“Sottrazione” video for the dance spectacle by the “Varitmes” dance company, performed @ Cagliari, Italy, November 2009

Live concert @ “Ex Chaos” (during the “Music in Touch” festival of musical research), basilica San Saturno, Cagliari, Italy, October 2009 – programming / voice / guitar / flute

Live concert @ “Tundra” electronic music festival, LT, July 2009 – programming / voice / guitar / flute

“Incubi – Succubi” concert  released on the “Clinical Archives” net label (download it here!), July 2009

Live concert “Nakcia” @ the “Kupoles” festival, LT, June 2009 – programming / voice / guitar / flute

“Invaded Earth” short (25′) experimental film, Lithuania, 2009 – director / camera / editing

Soundscape and video for Giedre Jank. performance “Asymptotic
Loneliness”, Lithuania, May 2009, watch it here

Video “SpringWater” for the live concert of Svart1, performed in Budapest, Hungary, May 2009

Soundscape “Silver Breathing” for Šarūnas Juknys installation at “Meno Parkas” Gallery, Lithuania, April 2009

Soundscape “Water” (Vanduo) for Šarūnas Juknys installation during the „Artefaktai” exhibition, Lithuania, April 2009

Live concert with Šarūnas Juknys (sculptor) & Tadas Šlajus (vj) during „Video Inspiration”(„Vartai” Gallery; VDU Art Gallery “101”) – soundscapes / voice / flute / bells, watch it here


“Abbracciare” (3’30”) short art film, December 2008, directing / editing / music, watch it here

Video projections for dance spectacle “Inutili Abbracci” (by dance company “Varitmes”), performed on December 2008 – directing / camera / editing

Live concert “Incubi-Succubi” with Svart1 for the opening of the painting exhibition by Daniele Serra, Sardinia, December 2008 – voice / guitar

Live concert “Condannazioni” with Svart1, November 2008, Sardinia – video / guitar

Video for the “SottoSopra” project, October 2008, Sardinia – concept / editing

“Us, Others” short documentary film, September 2008, FR,directing / script / editing, watch it here


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